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About Camp Anawanna

Camp Anawanna is a fan site for the Salute Your Shorts series which air on Nickelodeon in the early 90's.   This version of the Camp Anawanna site was created by Joe Struss as an example for  an Internet Programming class and uses Mobirise.

About Camp Anawanna

Camp is open from June until August and campers can spend 6 or 12 weeks exploring nature while you enjoy the peace and tranquility knowing that your young charges are in good hands. At Camp Anawanna, our campers learn first aid, swimming, plant identification, they have fun with kickball, softball and tennis- but most of all they learn self-esteem and confidence that will last them a lifetime.
-Dr. Kahn, Camp Owner

Currently operating under the careful management of Winter Camper and Part-Time Counselor Joey S. who just found out that Dr. Kahn got his Doctorate from a correspondence school in Hong Kong.

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