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Salute Your Shorts Episode List

Episode list for the second Season of "Salute Your Shorts" is listed below.   Six episodes from this season are available on Amazon Prime/ iTunes.

Season Two (1-6)

Goodbye Michael, Hello Pinsky


June 1, 1992 - Pinsky comes to Camp

The Man Who Would Be Ug


June 3, 1992 - Counselor Budnick

Telly and the Tennis Match


June 5, 1992 - No Michael or Pinsky in this episode

Dina and the Rock Star


June 8, 1992 - A rock star comes to camp and disrupts almost everything

Clan of the Cave Girls


June 10, 1992 - The Cursed Skull.  The Girls cabin fights and gets lost in the woods

Bidnick and Dina in Love (Part One)


June 12, 1992 - the only episode in two parts which involves Budnick after getting a crush on Dina possbily cutting his hair for Dina

Season Two (7-12)

Budnick and Dina in Love (Part Two)


June 15, 1992 - the two part saga ends

Sponge's Night Out


June 17, 1992 - Sponge gets grounded thanks to Pinsky and ends up sneaking out of camp on a double date with Pinsky.  Great episode!

Citizen Pinsky


June 19, 1992 - The Pinsky/Sponge Gazette spreads rumors around camp

Capture the Flag


June 22, 1992 - Donkeylips best episode where he is the possible key for winning Capture the Flag.

They Call Me Ms. Tibbs


June 24, 1992 - Park Ranger Mona inspects Camp

The Wrath of Kahn, Jr.


June 26, 1992 - Dr. Kahn's niece comes to camp and without discipline destroys the place.

Season Two (13 and beyond)

Anawanna Inc.


June 29, 1992 - Campers form a constructing birdhouses from popsicle sticks business and don't do particularly well.

Season 3?


Season 3 was pitched to Nickelodeon but they passed on the third season.   Dr. Kahn's niece was up to return along with most of the cast.    Nick was moving productions to Orlando at that time and passed on most series that were not in-house.

Amazon/iTunes Order


Budnick and Dina in Love - Part 1 - July 11, 1992
Budnick and Dina in Love - Part 2 - July 18, 1992
Citizen Pinsky - July 25, 1992
The Wrath of Kahn, Jr. - Aug. 22, 1992
They Call Me Ms. Tibbs - Sept. 5, 1992
Anawanna, Inc. - Sept. 12, 1992

Joe's Order


Telly & the Tennis match
Goodbye Michael, Hello Pinsky
The Main Who Would Be Ug
Dina and the Rock Star
Clan of the Cave Girls
Budnick and Dina in Love (Part One)
Budnick and Dina in Love (Part Two)
Sponge's Night Out
Citizen Pinsky
They Call Me Ms. Tibbs
The Wrath of Kahn, Jr.
Anawanna Inc.

Main Show Order Explained


The main episode order shown here the chronological given by the TV Guide.    So the order of the episodes as shown initially by Nickelodeon.   This does not necessarily represent how the producer wanted the series to be shown.

Amazon & Joe Order Explained


The Amazon Order and dates look to be from the second showing of the series and seems to make a lot of sense.   Joe's list is close to the other two but puts the episode without Michael or Pinsky first and puts more emphasis on relationships with Sponge/Pinsky and Budnick/Dina becoming friends.