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Main Lodge

Main Meeting area of Camp Anawanna where campers meet for site "Pow-Wows" and nutritious morning, noon plus evening meals.

Salute Your Shorts

Salute Your Shorts as a television series that was originally shown on the Nickelodeon tv network on 1991 and 1992.     Episodes were shown on Nickelodeon throughout the 90's and 00's.    The show depicts campers having adventures during two seasons of summer camp at a time when there was not an internet or cell phones.


SYS Fun Fact 1

Salute your shorts is based on a book.   "Salute Your Shorts- Life at Summer Camp" (1986) by Steve Slavkin and Thomas Hill.


SYS Fun Fact 2

The Radio Call-in Show episode of SYS was used as the pilot episode for SYS with the original pilot episode having a differnt actor for Sponge.


SYS Fun Fact 3

There have been two SYS reunions in September 2012 and 2015.